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Ice age 4 movie review

Ice age 4  movie review

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
Direction: Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier
Voices: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo

In movies, goodies rarely are available in fours. From the Jaws and Lethal Weapon to the newer Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek series, fourth
related stories

The trio of prehistoric critters, 1st introduced back in 2002, embarks on yet one more digitally animated 3D journey. this point around, their journey is dispiritingly uninteresting.

Ice AgeWorking from a woefully skinny script, co-directors Martino and Thurmeier fail to bring any panache to the proceedings.

As within the previous outings, the sole clever gags involve the squirrel-rat hybrid whose dogged pursuit of an acorn triggers a continental cataclysm.

Among the victims of the nutty shenanigans could be a woolly mammoth (dubbed in world-weary tones by Romano) that gets swept out to ocean on an ice floe. Separated from his mate (Queen Latifah) and their teenage daughter, the paternalistic elephant is set to reunite along with his family.

Accompanied by a sabre-toothed tiger (haughtily voiced by Denis Leary) and a hapless sloth (Leguizamo) the mismatched friends should conjointly outwit a band of seafaring brigands led by an orangutan (Peter Dinklage).

The all-new menagerie of marauders includes a panther pirate (Jennifer Lopez), a multi-tasking badger and a wacky walrus (Nick Frost). Wanda Sykes could be a welcome addition to the core voice forged because the daft however resourceful granny.

Ice Age 4

The target kiddie audience for Ice Age 4: … can seemingly giggle at the mere sight of the colorful cartoon creatures. As for the remainder, they're unlikely to be clamouring for one more sequel any time soon.

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