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Razz3 full film watch online

Watch or Not?: Watch the first half for some scares.
Raaz 3 is supposed to be a God vs. Bipasha Basu. Or something of that sorts. To be honest, it wasn’t a fair fight to with.

The headstrong, spoilt and manipulative Shanaya Shekhar (Bipasha Basu) is the reining actress in Bollywood. But Shanaya is slowly being overshadowed by a new actress Sanjana (Esha Gupta).  The final blow comes when Shanaya loses the Best Actress Award to Sanjana. Even Shanaya’s director boyfri Aditya (Emraan Hashmi) cannot calm her tempest.

The mantra-chanting-holy-thread-tying Shanaya decides that since worshipping God has done her no good, she might as well move over to the dark side. An evil spirit (Manish Choudhary) gives her some magic water that will help possess Sanjana’s spirit. Shanaya cajoles a reluctant Aditya to help her plan to make life a living hell for Sanjana, but not her. So Aditya ropes in Sanjana for his next film and keeps giving her doses of the evil water. Sanjana’s nights are now filled with horror as she’s haunted by scary clowns, creepy noises and more. Aditya soon falls for Sanjana but is torn between his love for the haunted actress and his indebtedness to the maverick star.

Watch the movie to find out more secrets tumble out of the closet as Sanjana spirals towards desperation

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A movie released in 2002 that still remains afresh in my memory

Maid in Manhattan – The cast do complete justice to their roles. Played by Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes this is a rather different love story. Marisa Ventura played by Jennifer Lopez plays a classy maid who works relentlessly for the welfare of her son .The story develops into a love story when Marisa is busy cleaning the room of a socialite with another maid .This socialite played by Natasha Richardson has a really nice outfit which she leaves in the room before leaving out .The other maid tells Marisa tells to try the coat. After she tries the coat the actor gets into the room thinking it is the socialite and is very impressed with her. Coincidently, Chris comes with Ty, Marisa’s son and finds Marisa very beautiful. They all go out for a walk .Soon, Marisa starts avoiding Chris as she becomes scared that the management will find out but fortunately or unfortunately this soon develops into a love story but obviously without Chris knowing that she is the maid. This goes on for some time till the management finds out when Chris invites Caroline for the party and is surprised to find somebody else coming .i.e. the real Caroline. Chris asks his assistant Jerry Siegel to find “the other Caroline Lane” promising that he will attend an important dinner and wishes her go with him. Jerry asks Lionel to find her. Lionel, who has figured out that Marisa is the woman Chris has been looking for, tells her to go to the dinner and end the affair swiftly if she wants to keep her possible future in hotel . He and the hotel staff assist her in preparing for the evening by styling her hair, loaning her an expensive dress, and a spectacular necklace. However, she spends the night in his room and it becomes a very big issue later .I really liked Christopher’s character; Ralph Fiennes, a politician plays the character with such sophistication and poise. Even though he is upset with her the two in the end up together as yes you could notice that there was chemistry between the two. It’s rather interesting to find a big shot who doesn’t mind settling down with a woman he loves. These are definitely cute aspects to the love story.Jalo looks lovely in the gown she wears the night she goes to the party with the actor .Even though she is the maid in the movie she looks really nice .This movie released in 2002 but I remember it afresh because it’s a really cute movie . Yes , not a popular movie and you may wondering why i am talking about it ..but yes there is definetely somethin different about the movie ...a big politician doesnt mind settling with maid ...reaches a point where he doesnt care about the press anymore .

The Bourne Legacy - Review

The Bourne Legacy -Movie Review

So it was a weekend and yes that definitely calls for a movie and this time I ended up catching the fourth installment of the BOURNE series. Yes I was pretty excited about the movie though it did not have the famous “JASON BOURNE” character of the previous three blockbusters. The movie instead has a new protagonist “Aaron Cross” played by JEREMY RENNER two time academy award nominee. Unlike the first three films, this one is not based on the ROBERT LUDLUM BOURNE series which in itself is a major let down and yes MATT DAMON who played the character of Jason Bourne in the previous three was sorely missed. Starting from where the previous movie left off, THE BOURNE LEGACY starts with snail pace and an immense amount of information being thrown at the audience making it hard to comprehend the actual storyline of the movie. Though the movie includes all the elements that the dark world of espionage and spy flicks requires, it pretty much lacks the thrill and adventure of the first three parts. The only part of the movie where you might find yourself glued to the screen and at edge would be the “lab shooting” sequence which gives a slightly sinister feel of a mad-man on the loose. This is the oly part which adds some much needed intrigue to the movie. Apart from that, the movie just falls short. The movie opens with the audience being introduced to “Aaron Cross” who’s a part of the CIA’s newest operation and is sent to Alaska for a training mission. Looking at the first few scenes of the movie with RENNER running around in extreme cold and hypothermic conditions, climbing mountains and wrestling wolves without getting even so much as a scratch on his body would definitely make you wonder where he gets such immense strength from. This is when you are exposed to the some disturbing information that the CIA has been feeding blue and green pills to all their agents which enhances them physically and mentally. That being said, due to a horrible blizzard which prevents Cross from returning to civilization, he runs out of pills which would affect his enhanced mental and physical abilities. And before you have the time to digest all this information, the movie takes another turn when the “OPERATION OUTCOME” is to be shut down as a result of Jason Bourne’s cover being blown to the press. The CIA gets rid of the other OUTCOME operatives by feeding them Yellow pills in place of the former blue and green ones. Cross being one OUTCOME asset not easy to kill realizes what’s happening and resorts to Dr Martha Shearing, an Outcome Scientist and the only survivor of the CIA provoked lab shooting. RACHEL WEISZ playing Shearing serves as Cross’s reluctant ally helping him to the blue pills into his system through a process called as “Viralling off” which takes them to the exciting MANILA in Philippines. The movie finally ends with a hot motorcycle pursuit of Cross and Shearing by LARX who is a barbarous killer employed by CIA to finish off the Operation Outcome. The chase which seems absolutely endless finally results in Shearing kicking Larx off his motorcycle and killing him in the process. The movie is probably worth a onetime watch if you would consider yourself as a BOURNE movie fan. After movies like “Hurt Locker,” “Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol” and “Marvel’s The Avengers,” Bourne Legacy is definitely a step down for RENNER despite his valiant effort at all the treacherous stunts and tremendous acting in the movie, for basically no fault of his own. Jason Bourne will continue to be a legend!
which in itself is a major let down and yes MATT DAMON who played the character of Jason Bourne in the previous three was sorely missed. Starting from where the previous movie left off, THE BOURNE LEGACY starts with snail pace and an immense amount of information being thrown at the audience making it hard to comprehend the actual storyline of the movie. Though the movie includes all the elements that the dark world of espionage and spy flicks requires, it pretty much lacks the thrill and adventure of the first three parts. The only part of the movie where you might find yourself glued to the screen and at edge would be the “lab shooting” sequence which gives a slightly sinister feel of a mad-man on the loose. This is the oly part which adds some much needed intrigue to the movie. Apart from that, the movie just falls short.

Allu Arjun Movie goes from Bunny to Julayi - Review

Allu Arjun Movie goes from Bunny to Julayi!!! - Review

Allu Arjun’s fans are going crazy, all over the country especially in Hyderabad as his next movie Julayi hits the theatres today. With the first show in progress at the theatres now, the movie has already created quite a buzz. Directed by Trivikakram Srinivas, the film is said to have opened with one of his typical punch dialogues. The plot as quoted on is as follows: “Ravi (Arjun) is happy-go-lucky youngster with an attitude to get rich over night and he doesn’t believe in hard earned money rather believes in easy money. At a certain point in the movie he falls in trouble with the money he earns by chance and he realizes his mistakes and changes his mind set. How he turns from a Street smart guy to an honest youngster forms the rest of the plot”. Starring opposite “Bunny” in the movie is Ileana D'Cruz who fits the bill perfectly as a High Tech Engineer. Just like all rom-coms the male lead protagonist falls in love which then is obviously followed by a twist and turn of events before the two actually get together. Jualyi too is somewhat based on the same lines when Ravi after falling into some money-trouble is a reason for people in a parallel world to hunt him down and kill him before the hero and the heroine have a “happily ever after.” The movie despite all the drama and action is said to end on a good note. The movie proceeds at a smooth pace from the start to the end just like all other “Trivikakram” movies considering such story lines are usually his forte. The music composed by Devi Sri Prasad has varied set of tracks. The title track is composed with foot tapping beats and has a peppy ring to it and without any doubt the one song to watch out for. The movie has other catchy songs targeted especially for a young crowd. And if your all in for melody, make sure you do not miss “o madhu.” Though the movie has nothing new to offer, it definitely should be easy money and well received. With good music and a splendid star cast, the movie has everything going on for it. I would solely watch it just for the sake of the stylish and ever-charming Allu Arjun. Definitely worth a onetime watch, so do not miss it. Final Verdict: The movie is definitely here to stay and a sure entertainer!!!

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Tyra Banks almost out from America's Next Top Model

 Supermodel TYRA BANKS virtually quit her hit AMERICA'S NEXT prime MODEL as a result of the pressures of manufacturing the programme caused her an excessive amount of stress. The runway beauty created the show in 2003, and it's since become one in all the foremost widespread fashion programmes essentially TV, airing for a powerful nineteen seasons. however Banks admits that she was able to walk aloof from the terribly project that kickstarted her tv career due once struggling to juggle her roles as host and govt producer. In an interview with the big apple Post, Banks confesses, "I've considered turning the reigns over.

 I had to be reminded that the show is my baby. many years ago, i used to be willing to grant my baby up for adoption!" The thirty eight year recent, who recently graduated from Harvard Business faculty, reveals she is currently centered on learning the way to share the workload. She says, "I am learning the way to delegate, and the way to empower individuals. it's decreased my stress additional. currently we tend to are about to be manufacturing most additional tv.

I did not turn out additional TV as a result of i'm most a micro-manager, hands on. But now, I realise that so as to actually grow, I actually have to delegate and realize wonderful those that are higher at it than me." And though she has signed on to continue her hosting and manufacturing duties for America's Next prime Model, Banks still has religion that the show will continue on while not her there everyday. She adds, "We have twenty four formats round the globe that do not have me (as host). thus (in America), i'd hope (that it'd still be a success).

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Marilyn Monroe 50 years after death still most wanted

The first issue you notice after you see Marilyn Monroe's full-length gloves within the storeroom of the Smithsonian National Museum of yankee History is how tiny her hands were.
"They're one in all variety of pairs she had," says curator Dwight Bowers, gently lifting them out of the beige steel cupboard they share with Christopher Reeves' Superman costume and also the 10-gallon hat that J.R. wore in "Dallas".

"They're white child. they are terribly small and petite. and that they show the decorousness of the Nineteen Fifties," he explained. "There's a stain of ink on the left one ... maybe it came from giving an autograph to somebody."
Donated by a non-public collector, the gloves conjure the complete Marilyn Monroe assortment at the publicly-funded Smithsonian establishment, the world's largest network of museums and, in principle, repository of all things Americana.

Bowers, who plans to incorporate the gloves in an forthcoming Smithsonian exhibition on yankee common culture, said it's "logical" for the museum to carry additional Monroe memorabilia.
"But Hollywood material and Hollywood celebrities are huge business within the auction world," he told AFP within the windowless storeroom that is packed floor to ceiling with show-business artifacts from vaudeville to nowadays.

"Private collectors are a part of our competition -- and personal collectors have a far larger budget than we've."

Fifty years once her death, demand for something associated with Hollywood's original blonde bombshell -- from the dresses she wore to the magazine covers she graced -- is stronger than ever. And it's additional international still.

Many alternative things is seen at the Hollywood Museum in l.  a.  , where a few of personal collectors have pooled their most prized Monroe objects for a summer-long public exhibition.
It's a wide-ranging show, from the mortgage paperwork on Monroe's house to never-before-seen images and a bunch of clothes just like the black silk crepe dress she wore on her honeymoon with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio.

"It had been in storage for thirty five years," Hollywood Museum founder Donelle Dadigan said. "When we have a tendency to received it, you knew who it belonged to, as a result of the Chanel variety 5 fragrance still lingered... it absolutely was virtually magical."
The bulk of Monroe's personal belongings went on the auction block at Christie's in ny in October 1999 at a historic two-day estate sale that raked in $13.4 million.

"They literally had everything from pots and pans to her brassieres," recalled Clark Kidder, a collector of Monroe-related magazines in Wisconsin and author of a 2001 guide to Monroe memorabilia who attended the sale.

The most expensive item then was a diamond-studded platinum eternity band, a present from DiMaggio, her second husband, that Christie's consultants had estimated at $50,000 tops. It sold for $772,000 and it's possible price rather more nowadays.

Monroe's baby grand piano went, too, for $662,500, along side everything else from a try of bikinis and a collection of gym equipment to her driver's license -- still because the gloves that eventually wound up within the Smithsonian.

Such costs nowadays would be thought of bargains, due partially to the globalization of the memorabilia market and an influx of cash-rich and reclusive Asian and Gulf collectors for whom value is not any object.

"Some of the highest costs for Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, within the seven figures, you'll find yourself finding in China, in Japan, within the Middle East ... it's simply extraordinary," Dadigan told AFP during a phonephone interview.

Last year, in Macau, l.  a.   auctioneers Julien's sold a robe that Monroe wore within the movie "River of No Return" for $516,600 and a signed nude from her "red velvet" session with photographer Tom Kelley for $16,250.

Earlier in 2011, the billowing dress that Monroe wore over that famously breezy subway grating in "The Seven-Year Itch" sold for a staggering $4.6 million -- and commission -- in l.  a.  .
The seller was the actress Debbie Reynolds, who at seventy nine had no additional space for her assortment of thirty five,000 Hollywood movie costumes. The buyer, as is therefore typically the case at auctions, opted for discretion and bid by phonephone.

"A heap of those high-profile items, after they come back up for auction, are about to the Asian countries," l.  a.   collector Scott Fortner, whose own Monroe objects are a part of the Hollywood Museum exhibition, told AFP.

"I realize it disappointing that a number of these items literally simply disappear and that we haven't any plan where they're going," added Fortner, who has catalogued his entire assortment -- from a feather boa to make-up and eye drops -- on-line.
Fortner sees himself not such a lot as a collector than as a custodian of the memory of a timeless picture icon. he is particularly pleased with one item in his possession -- Monroe's humble Brownie snapshot camera.

"I have continuously found that piece terribly, terribly intriguing," he said. "It's the childhood camera of 1 of the foremost photographed girls, if not the foremost photographed lady, within the world. there is a motivating little bit of irony there."

Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In ft. Flo Rida watch

Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In ft. Flo Rida watch

Jennifer Lopez eating these days? The pop diva appearance smoking hot within the video of her latest single‘Goin’ in’! J.Lo is 43, and believe us, her flat tummy can build females 0.5 her age jealous! Goin’ in is indeed catchy and it's undoubtedly one song you'll groove to at a club! JLo’s dance moves are extremely spectacular and you may attempt as arduous as you would like to, you'll surely not be ready to replicate those moves!

Speaking concerning the video, there’s an excessive amount of of gloss and colour! currently whereas typically the overuse of such effects may build things a bit kitschy, as way as Goin’ in worries, the video appearance extremely enticing. confirm you be careful for Jennifer Lopez’s shiny lips! BTW, if in between the video, you're feeling you mistook some street dancers because the ones who feature in maximize Revolution, they're indeed those dancers! Goin’ in options within the dance film. The song additionally options yankee rapper Flo Rida and whereas he will a fine job, J.Lo actually steals the show! you're feeling like obtaining up and dance whenever the lines ‘put your hands up’ are available the song. Catch the video below and a few hot pics of Jennifer Lopez within the video on the subsequent pages.

Avatar 2 Be Released on 2015

Avatar 2 Be Released on  2015

John Landau previously predicted that audiences would not be seeing an "Avatar 2" till a minimum of 2015, James Cameron has currently seemingly confirmed it during a recent big apple Times profile.
"The 'Avatar' sequels, Mr. Cameron said, can virtually definitely be shot in Mr. Jackson’s Wellington production studio, concerning quarter-hour by helicopter from Pounui," writes the newspaper of Cameron's plans to base the assembly in New Zealand, that "Hobbit" director Peter Jackson has virtually single-handedly reworked into a go-to destination for filmmakers. "Visual effects are going to be completed at nearby Weta Digital, owned by Mr. Jackson and his partners, though motion-capture work on the 'Avatar' sequels can still be done on a stage in California. 'Avatar 2' won't be prepared till 2015 or later, a minimum of a year past the 2014 date Fox executives once had in mind."

Pounui, in case you were wondering, could be a New Zealand city close to that Cameron has (controversially) spent an estimated $16 million shopping for up a pair of,500 acres of farmland which will double as Pandora within the upcoming sequels, a minimum of 2 of that Cameron can allegedly be shooting back-to-back (the potential for a 3rd sequel has been teased however not nevertheless confirmed by the filmmaker). As noted on top of, the motion-capture (often stated as "performance capture") work thus integral to the films can still be shot on a California soundstage, because it was for the primary movie.

Nevertheless, do not expect production to ramp up anytime within the close to future, as Cameron continues to be within the scripting stages - though he will arrange on relocating to Pounui together with his family this fall to urge them acclimated to what's going to become their new home for a minimum of a part of the year.

Peter Jackson, for his half, is simply happy to own a number of the pressure off - with Cameron around to carry down the fort, he insinuates, perhaps he will truly relax for awhile once finishing production on what he recently confirmed as his trilogy of "Hobbit" films.

“Maybe I will go wander away on a beach somewhere currently,” he told the days with a smile (we'll assume he was joking). Indeed, is it even rational to recommend that Peter Jackson of all individuals would lie around dormant whereas his fellow director establishes his own large filmmaking operation in his home country? consistent with Cameron, he needn't worry.
“I’m not there to compete with Peter," he said.

Kristen Stewart begs Robert Pattison

Kristen Stewart begs Robert Pattison

Robert Pattinson got rid of of the house that he shared with girlfriend Kristen Stewart following her admission that she cheated on him with married director Rupert Sanders. Robert is reportedly sharing his woes with fellow guests at the hotel where he's briefly staying.

"Robert has resorted to asking strangers out to stay him company. He went out for drinks with a girl staying in his hotel and he told her it absolutely was 'ridiculous' he had no one to speak to," quoted a fan as saying.
Robert Pattinson has additionally been spending plenty of your time alone attempting to forget his relationship difficulties. "He's been spending most of his days off simply enjoying pc games," added the friend.

After the couple got rid of of their house, friends said they feared they will not be able to repair their broken relationship. "I am unsure they will be able to live through this. Robert is heartbroken and angry," said the friend

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Ice age 4 movie review

Ice age 4  movie review

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
Direction: Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier
Voices: Ray Romano, John Leguizamo

In movies, goodies rarely are available in fours. From the Jaws and Lethal Weapon to the newer Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek series, fourth
related stories

The trio of prehistoric critters, 1st introduced back in 2002, embarks on yet one more digitally animated 3D journey. this point around, their journey is dispiritingly uninteresting.

Ice AgeWorking from a woefully skinny script, co-directors Martino and Thurmeier fail to bring any panache to the proceedings.

As within the previous outings, the sole clever gags involve the squirrel-rat hybrid whose dogged pursuit of an acorn triggers a continental cataclysm.

Among the victims of the nutty shenanigans could be a woolly mammoth (dubbed in world-weary tones by Romano) that gets swept out to ocean on an ice floe. Separated from his mate (Queen Latifah) and their teenage daughter, the paternalistic elephant is set to reunite along with his family.

Accompanied by a sabre-toothed tiger (haughtily voiced by Denis Leary) and a hapless sloth (Leguizamo) the mismatched friends should conjointly outwit a band of seafaring brigands led by an orangutan (Peter Dinklage).

The all-new menagerie of marauders includes a panther pirate (Jennifer Lopez), a multi-tasking badger and a wacky walrus (Nick Frost). Wanda Sykes could be a welcome addition to the core voice forged because the daft however resourceful granny.

Ice Age 4

The target kiddie audience for Ice Age 4: … can seemingly giggle at the mere sight of the colorful cartoon creatures. As for the remainder, they're unlikely to be clamouring for one more sequel any time soon.

Jism 2 Sunny Leone new song Darta Hoon

Jism 2  Sunny Leone new song Darta Hoon

Every new song, Pooja Bhatt, the director of the erotic Jism a pair of, is scaling newer heights of on-screen sex charm, visually pleasant love-making and to a {good} extent- some good music, too.

In the newly released song, Darta Hoon, that is sung, written and composed by the Pakistani.The entire song features a metal genre sound to it. It starts with an electrical guitar riff, that builds up the anticipation for what's returning next.

In the video, Sunny Leone is getting into an evening club and looking out around, when she spots the dashing and suited Arunoday Singh.

Sunny Leone, wearing a blood red dress, with rather daring cuts to boast the adult star's cleavage and curvaceous body.

She moves round the bar, gulps down a drink and starts dancing to seduce the hunk, Arunoday Singh sitting in front of her.

The music, by then, has caught a lingering tempo and smoothly moves with the video of the song. The lyrics and also the tune have a tempo that compliments the sexual tension increase between Sunny Leone and Arunoday Singh.
Sunny Leone steams it up with Arunoday Singh during a blood red dress within the song.

Consistent drumming, electrical guitar riffs and contrasting vocals with a robust male sound and a mellow feminine tone go well with Arunoday's body language and also the porcelain-like Sunny Leone.

The lyrics go like 'darta hoon mai tujh ko paane se' with the feminine singer replying, 'tere naal main jindadi laa baithi, na laandi te na pachtaandi'.

In the video conjointly, the approaching along of Sunny Leone and Arunoday Singh has the metaphor of them being forbidden fruits for every alternative. there's hesitation, however once Sunny Leone weaves her red magic, Arunoday Singh follows her to a space and intimacy follows.
Red looks to be a favorite for Sunny Leone.

Underneath her red scintillating dress, Sunny Leone is sporting black stocking with a garter and red lingerie. This completes all the weather needed for an erotic, visually stimulating, steamy quotient. perhaps this introduces the garter to Bollywood, as not several heroines are seen sporting one.

The song is seductive with its tone and timing, and it pulls the listener into a trance. With a well-matched video, the song undoubtedly raises the temperature. The roping in of a Pakistani band, that may be a Pooja Bhatt usual, may well be a trifle of a wager for the Indian audience because the sound is unconventional.

Let us see how so much will the Jism a pair of magic reach with this one!

Not simply Arunoday Singh, Sunny Leone is creating temperatures soar with Randeep Hooda moreover in Jism a pair of. SUNNY LEONE IN SHOWER WITH RANDEEP HOODA

Sunny Leone is making plenty of buzz along with her sensual performance and erotic stills from the upcoming movie Jism a pair of, directed by Pooja Bhatt. BUT, will SUNNY LEONE ACT?

Porn star-turned-actress Sunny Leone alights the screen within the new song from Jism a pair of. wanting quite promising, the curvaceous star gets intimate with Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh during a new track. ABHI ABHI SONG FROM JISM a pair of

Katty Perry dating John Mayer

Singer Katy Perry has reportedly spent 2 nights with musician John Mayer.

She isn't simply said to be a disciple of his song writing skills however additionally his rugged appearance a la Perry’s former husband Russell complete.

Mayer is that the third man Perry has been linked to since her split from Russel Brand: Reuters

The two are spending time writing and creating music for Perry’s new album, reports They recently visited club Soho House here and later met up for pizza. consistent with guests at Soho House, “they were everywhere every other”.

Mayer is that the third man Perry has been linked with since her split from complete last year.

She had a short fling with French model Baptiste Giabiconi, the face of Chanel. then she has been said to be dating Florence and also the Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd.

Sonakashi Sinha's item song " Go Govinda " watch

Sonakashi Sinha's item song 

Sonakshi Sinha into her next level. Yes Sonakshi Sinha is here and she or he goes to crack the dahi-handi this Janamashtmi in full vogue. The Dabaag girl the Emerging Star of Bollywood , Who Has Already Gained Popularity With Her block buster Movie "DABANGG" and now she is gonna next level for her first  ever item song, “Go Govinda” from the movie Oh My God! Sonakshi Sinha looks set to entertain in absolute filmy, loud and vibrant vogue. 

Choreographed by
Prabhu Deva, who is additionally shaking a leg with the actress within the song, a 15-second teaser of the song has been released.

The setting is that of Janamashtmi, with the dahi handi being the middle of attraction. The song begins with the handi that includes a prize quantity written on it. Amidst dance, colors and cheer within the background, Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha seem with their eyes lined with their arms.

Both are wearing white shirt and jeans, and do a moonwalk of kinds, however sideways.

With Sonakshi Sinha doing the troublesome steps with ease and panache, it's sort of a heap of diligence and rehearsals have gone into the creating of her 1st ever item range.
Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha in Go Govinda.

As color is being thrown around and whistles are accompanying the words, 'go, go, go govinda', a trial of Sonakshi Sinha swaying her waist fills the viewer with excitement and anticipation.

Akshay Kumar plays the fashionable day Lord Krishna in his forthcoming film Oh My God and its 1st poster shows the star riding a motorbike through the clouds with a bright vibrant sky within the background.

" Ice Age 4 " can't be better than this

Ice Age 4 can't be better than this

The first Ice Age Film which came out in the year 2002 — i.e 10 years ago and it's time for a real stuff. The film introduced us to Manny a woolly mammoth, Diego a sabre-tooth tiger and Sid a sloth [incidentally all three are extinct species] and their adventures whereas returning somebody's baby to its tribe. Ice Age 2: Meltdown [2006] handled the meltdown, half three in 2009 handled the age of the dinosaurs. The fourth half, because the title suggests, deals with land breaking apart into the continents, all due to Scrat’s adventures with the acorn.

Manny is finding it troublesome to just accept his very little woman Peaches is all grown up and desires to hold out with the dude Ethan. His wife Ellie tries to swish things over to no avail. Father and daughter have a giant fight simply before the continents split and therefore the family is split. Manny, Diego, Sid and his eccentric Granny are adrift on the ocean, whereas Ellie and Peaches lead the opposite animals to the bridge and safety.

After several adventures involving pirates led by an evil ape Gutt together with his 1st mate, a fairly sabre tooth tiger Shira and sirens baffled, the family comes along learning necessary life lessons on the manner. The parallel story of Scrat and his acorn is sustained.

The first movie within the franchise to not be directed by Carlos Saldanha, Continental Drift is helmed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier. whereas Ray Romano (Manny), John Leguizamo (Sid), Denis Leary (Diego) and Queen Latifah (Ellie) reprise their roles, new entrants embody Jennifer Lopez as Shira, Peter Dinklage as Captain Gutt and Wanda Sykes as Granny.

Ice Age four is bright, busy and fun.

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Salman khan and Akshay Kumar Relaxo Photo Suit

Salman khan and Akshay Kumar Relaxo Photo Suit

Two months before, Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar two of them  made as public and typically formal declaration as the Brand Ambassadors of Relaxo Footwear. Couple days back Salman Khan did a photoshoot for Relaxo. It was an Ad Shoot. Watch below:

Robert Pattison : I want to ask Kristen Stewart why she cheated

Robert Pattison : I want to ask Kristen Stewart why she cheated

Robert Pattinson is curious to grasp all regarding the Rupert Sanders-Kristen Stewart story straight from the horse's mouth. He desires to speak with the Snow White and also the Huntsman director.

The "Twilight" star was devastated once gazing photos revealing Stewart's fling with the married director. Pattinson has even quarantined of the house he shared with Stewart. however he desires to grasp the total story, reports

"Rob desires to possess a person to man chat with Rupert to search out out specifically what happened between him and Kristen," said a supply near Pattinson.

"Kristen has already betrayed his trust by cheating, thus he cannot be positive that she's going to tell him specifically what went on between her and Rupert. Rupert contains a wife and a family to avoid wasting, thus Rob looks like he has nothing left to lose and would be honest with him," the supply added.

According to the insider, Robert Pattinson feels doubly betrayed as a result of he trusted Sanders because the director of his woman love's film, and had no plan the 2 were obtaining thus shut whereas he wasn't around.

"Rob extremely was blindsided by this and he is looking the everyday stages of being cheated on," the supply said.

"He was hurt and heartbroken, then angry and pissed off, and currently he simply desires answers. He looks like he must apprehend specifically what happened, how way it went and the way again and again, thus he will comprehend if {this is|this is often|this will be} one thing he can move past. he isn't able to speak with Kristen, it's too painful, thus he is getting to Rupert," the supply added.

Kristen Stewart has apologised and already released an announcement calling the affair a "momentary indiscretion". however her cosy photos with the director have raised contemporary doubts in Pattinson's mind.

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Kareena kapoor's "Heroine" official trailer

Kareena kapoor's "Heroine" official trailer

Watch Heroine trailer: Kareena Kapoor impresses; Bhandarkar doesn’t
Kareena Kapoor wows in 'Heroine' trailer along with her chameleonic expressions!
Watch Heroine trailer: Kareena Kapoor impresses; Bhandarkar doesn’t
Kareena Kapoor walks away with accolades within the 1st trailer of director Madhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming film Heroine. The trailer conjointly options Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda, Divya Dutta and Shahana Goswami.
Moody, sankee, and over emotional. That’s how Kareena Kapoor’s character is described at the beginning of the trailer. Who would offer such a lady an opportunity within the films? wonders the voice within the background! Pat comes the reply from Kareena herself: “Hollywood ho ya Bollywood, har heroine mein yeh teeno qualities hoti hai”.
Thereafter, the promo slips into some clich├ęs just like the heroine (Kareena Kapoor) giving a reality check to the associate editor of a Mumbai daily or wisecracking: “Confidence ke saath bolo na toh film trade jhooth ko bhi sacch maan leti hai.”
Divya Dutta ostensibly plays Kareena Kapoor’s rival. She tells her: “Yeh film trade hai, yahaan ya toh manipulate karlo, ya manipulate ho jayo.”
The trailer is full of one dialogue when another, however the one that catches most attention -- not as a result of it’s splendidly written, however it’s as banal as a dialogue gets -- is when Kareena Kapoor is seen dismissing a rumour in an exceedingly press conference.
She says: “Aap media waalon ko film scripts likhnee chahiye. Heroine ne gadi lee toh businessman ne gift kar di, diamond khareeda toh engagement ho gayi, hospital gayi checkup ke liye toh abortion ho gaya, LA gayi toh cosmetic surgery karva lee, or God forbid Dubai gayi toh uska rate card bann jata hai.”
There are sneak peeks at Kareena Kapoor’s lovemaking scenes with Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda. the previous plays an actor whereas the latter a cricketer. Shahana Goswami plays an actress and Kareena’s sensible friend.

Salman Khan May be Jailed

Salman Khan May be Jailed

It looks that one wrong that he committed eons ago has continued to actor Salman Khan’s neck like an albatross leaving no space for him to measure in peace. News has it that the star may need to face a jail term yet again for the black-buck shooting case that charged him beside his co-stars like Tabu, Neelam, Sonali Bendre, and Saif Ali Khan throughout their ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ shooting days. Now that the case is being examined by the Rajasthan High Court, sources have reported that the celebs who were concerned (especially Salman) are held below Section fifty one of Wildlife Act and section 149 of the IPC. Sadly, the actual fact is that Section fifty one of the wildlife Act includes a 3 year jail term! And if the court has it method, Salman may need to travel through a private turmoil yet again. Well, all we will do is pray for expensive Sallu so he gets out of the issues soon.

Kyaa Super kool Hain Hum Friday release

Kyaa Super kool Hain Hum Friday release

'Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum' is within the news since day one in every of its trailer unleash. Raunchy content and Ekta Kapoor's conflict with the Censor Board compelled her to unleash the trailers on net. However, the net audience lapped the trailers and that they became a large hit within the cyber world.
'Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum', a sequel to 2005 film 'Kyaa Kool Hain Hum' guarantees a double dose of entertainment as actor-duo Riteish Deshmukh and Tusshar Kapoor team up when seven years for the sex comedy.
Directed by Sachin Yardi, the film revolves around brothers Adi (Tusshar), an aspiring hero and Sid (Riteish), a disc jockey (DJ). Anu (Neha Sharma) plays Adi's cousin and additionally his love interest, whereas former beauty queen Sarah Jane Dias plays sidekick to Sid's character.
Actors Chunky Pandey and Anupam Kher also will be seen within the film, co-produced by Ekta and Shobha Kapoor.
'Kyaa Super Kool...' has been within the news for its daring and punchy dialogues, heard through its trailers. The film's songs have already set the mood with wacky lyrics in tracks like 'Teri shirt da button' and 'Dil garden garden ho gaya'.
The film is releasing with an 'A' certificate, permitting solely adult audiences in theatres. Ekta believes the audience has grown up and 'kool' with adult jokes.
"It's an adult-comedy. we tend to had a 'Delhi Belly' last year. It clearly shows India possesses a way of humour currently. we tend to are okay with adult jokes as a result of we tend to crack them in our everyday lives," she said.
Brother Tusshar seconds her opinion saying that the genre has become cool and stylish.
"Today, everyone is prepared for it. they're accepting every kind of cinema. no one is ashamed or embarrassed to look at a sex comedy. India has opened and that we are being terribly honest with the publicity of our film," said Tusshar.
The all-India distribution rights of the film were sold for Rs twenty one.60 crore to a Nagpur-based distributor.
Also releasing with 'Kyaa Super Kool...' is director Manish Manikpuri's little budget film 'Aalaap'.
It options Amit Purohit, Pitobash Tripathy, Harsh Rajput, Aabid Shamim, Abhimanyu Singh, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Rituparna Sengupta, Onkardas Manikpuri, Murli Sharma and Raghubir Yadav.
'Aalaap' is that the journey of a Chhattisgarh-based rock band that guarantees to be the voice of the youth and guarantees to fight violence with music.
Produced by Nishant Tripathi and Abhishek Mishra of Shri Shankaracharya Arts, the film was shot in dense forests of Chhattisgarh and therefore the borders of the volatile state.
'Kyaa Kool Hain Hum' is predicted to excel at the box workplace as a result of no different huge film is releasing together with it.

Robert Pattinson moves out from Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson moves out from Kristen Stewart

The trouble within the Twilight series star Robert Pattinson's relationship with Kristen Stewart has caused the breaking of their love nest.
In the last 3 days, a fast succession of events in their relationship have caused Robert Pattinson to shift out of the house he shares with girlfriend of 3 years, Kristen Stewart.
When Kristen Stewart offerred a public apology within the individuals magazine yesterday, everybody though that perhaps their relationship may still be saved.
But contrary to the desires and prayers of numerous fans each the actors have, Robert Pattinson who is claimed to be "heartbroken and angry" by an internal supply, has left the house he shares with Stewart.Robert Pattinson is heartbroken and angry.
He has removed of their plush $6 million la mansion, that the couple rented solely some months ago in 2011.
An inside supply has revealed to individuals magazine, "I'm undecided they will be able to live through this."
Kristen Stewart was cheating on her long run boyfriend together with her Snow White and also the Huntsman director, forty one year previous Rupert Sanders.
Her infidelity was exposed by a series of pictures that revealed her obtaining intimate with the director and as a supply said, "it looked like they could not get enough." KRISTEN STEWART CHEATS
Kristen Stewart had a short fling with director Rupert Sanders
The actress then offered a public apology to her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson and said it absolutely was "a momentary indiscretion" on her half. KRISTEN STEWART APOLOGISES
This could be the purpose of no come back during this superstar relationship. allow us to see what Kristen Stewart can do next. can she once more supply a public apology or do one thing different? we are able to solely keep our fingers crossed and guess.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises gunshot killed 14

A gunman opened fireplace too soon Friday at a movie theatre within the Denver suburb of Aurora (Colorado, USA), killing twelve folks and injuring a minimum of fifty others, authorities said. The death toll was revised from fourteen to twelve by the authorities when a close reconnaissance of the movie theatre.

It was the worst mass shooting within the US since the 2007 shooting on the Virginia Tech campus.

Some moviegoers said they thought the attack was a part of the show. Then they saw a silhouette of an individual within the smoke at the front of the rostrum, pointing a gun at the group.
US: twelve dead in shooting throughout 'The Dark Knight Rises' show

"I told my friend, 'We've have to be compelled to get out of here,' however then he shot folks making an attempt to travel out the exits," Jennifer Seeger told NBC's "Today." She the shooter created his far the aisle, shooting as he went, saying nothing.

Some of the injured were kids, with the youngest a 3-month-old baby. Victims were being treated for chemical exposure apparently associated with canisters thrown by the gunman. The shooter, a person in his 20s, was arrested shortly when the midnight attack close to a automobile outside the multiplex theater in Aurora.

FBI spokesman Jason Pack said there was no indication within the investigation up to now of any affiliation to terror teams.

President Barack Obama said he was saddened by the "horrific and tragic shooting."

Federal law enforcement officers said the suspect is 24-year-old citizen James Holmes. The officers spoke on condition of anonymity to debate an ongoing investigation.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said there was no proof of alternative attackers. There was no immediate word of a motive.

"A gas mask, rifle, handgun a minimum of one extra weapon (were) found," Oates said.

It was the worst mass shooting in Colorado since the Columbine highschool massacre in 1999, where 2 students opened fireplace and killed twelve classmates and an educator.

Aurora police spokesman Frank Fania told ABC's "Good Morning America" he did not understand however if all the injuries were gunshot wounds. He said some may need been caused by alternative things, like shrapnel.

The suspect spoke of "possible explosives in his residence," Oates said. Police were at the Denver-area apartment and had evacuated the building's alternative residents. Oates didn't say whether or not explosives had been found.

He said police additionally checked for explosives at the rostrum and secured those areas.

Moviegoers spoke of their terror as violence erupted.

Police officers ran in and told folks to go away the rostrum, Salina Jordan told the Denver Post newspaper. She said some police were carrying and dragging bodies.

Benjamin Fernandez, 30, told the Post he heard a series of explosions. He said folks ran from the rostrum and there have been gunshots as police shouted "Get down!"

Jordan told the paper one lady was struck within the cheek and others within the abdomen, as well as a lady who looked to be around nine.

Jordan said it appeared like firecrackers till somebody saw his neighboring theater yelling, "They're shooting out here!"

KUSA-TV reported that some hospitalized victims were being treated for chemical exposure, connected apparently to canisters thrown by gunman.

Aurora is home to an outsized Defense Department satellite intelligence operation at Buckley Air Force Base.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aamir Khan's son in to movies now

Junior Khan aka Junaid is equipped to run in his father, Aamir Khan’s footstep.
The seventeen year previous son of Aamir and his 1st wife Reena Dutta is reportedly getting into the globe of cinema. however before you marvel if he's aiming to build a splash on the silver screen, allow us to clarify that he's solely aiming to assist filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani.

According to a number one tabloid, Junaid has been roped in to help Hirani on his latest venture titled ‘Peekay’ starring Aamir and Anushka Sharma.

Junaid has had a fascination for filmmaking and hence he needed to venture into the globe of cinema therefore early in life. however to appreciate his dream, the young lad had to convince his father and promise that he wouldn’t neglect his studies.

So can Junaid end up to be Junior Mr Perfectionist? we'll indeed ought to wait and watch.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Dark Knight rises is an end for batman epic

Francis Coppola tripped on it (“The Godfather half III”). therefore did George Lucas (“Return of the Jedi”) and David Fincher (“Alien 3”) and Sam Raimi (“Spider-Man 3”) and therefore the Wachowski brothers (“The Matrix Revolutions”). Peter Jackson pulled it off with “The Lord of the Rings,” however all of these movies came from a similar book and were shot back-to-back.
One of the foremost hanging things regarding “The Dark Knight Rises,” the third (and, while not question, last) entry in director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies, is how daring and assured and precise it's — as if the filmmaker had invariably known how the story that started in 2005’s “Batman Begins” and continued in 2008’s “The Dark Knight” would end up.
The truth is, Nolan was creating it up as he glided by.

“I’ve invariably thought of this trilogy as Bruce Wayne’s story, and each story contains a starting, a middle and an finish,” he says. “The ending is that the most vital half to me: That’s the primary factor I had for ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ The trick is to grasp it on a subliminal level — have the thought of it — however not write it down and create it concrete till you’re prepared.
“I’ve had the nice luxury of functioning on these movies for 9 years and letting things grow naturally, knowing the sensation of what i used to be going for however permitting the narrative to return into focus over time. you've got to measure your means through stories so as to get what they're. I wasn’t already coming up with for this movie after we were creating “Batman Begins,” as a result of I’m superstitious. however i used to be invariably hopeful I’d get to inform the full factor.”
Set eight years once “The Dark Knight,” the new film, that opens Friday, catches up with millionaire Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) as his fortune is dwindling, his body is battered (he contains a permanent limp and walks with a cane) and his alter-ego of Batman remains at massive and wished for the murder of Harvey Dent (played within the previous movie by Aaron Eckhart).
The crime rate in Gotham town has plummeted below the watch of Commissioner Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman), who continues to feed the lie that Dent died a hero, using him as a martyr to assist keep the peace. Then the terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy), a masked thug with a penchant for brutal violence, emerges from the city’s sewers. He brings a military with him.

“The Dark Knight Rises” borrows components from 2 classic Batman comic-book storylines — “Knightfall,” within which Bane snaps the hero’s back, and “The Dark Knight,” Frank Miller’s seminal graphic novel regarding an aging Batman forced out of retirement by against the law wave. however the film’s screenplay, that Nolan wrote along with his brother (and frequent collaborator) Jonathan, charts its own narrative path, throwing during a curvaceous cat-burglar (Anne Hathaway), an idealistic police officer (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and a philanthropist (Marion Cotillard) who helps Wayne along with his struggling finances.

When the $250 million production began shooting, the massive variety of latest characters involved fans, who speculated that Nolan may need fallen prey to the “more is more” approach that had mired the Nineties Batman film franchise in campy excess.
“The third movie in each trilogy is meant to travel into the rest room,” says Michael Caine, who reprises his role in “The Dark Knight Rises” as Wayne’s trustworthy butler Alfred. “But once I scan the script for this one, I knew it'd be special — and I’m not simply saying that as a result of I’m within the movie! Christopher (Nolan) is an out of this world caster of actors, he’s an out of this world director and he’s conjointly an out of this world author. He’s all 3 of these things, and that’s one thing I’ve never encountered before during this business.”
Unlike most manufacturers of big-budget blockbusters, Nolan writes his own scripts (“Inception,” “Memento,” “The Prestige” — the sole exception was 2002’s “Insomnia,” that was a remake of a Norwegian thriller). His canvasses are monumental, however he will work his personal obsessions into them. When Nolan’s planned biopic of the rich recluse Howard Hughes was derailed by Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator,” he merely incorporated aspects of Hughes’ life into “The Dark Knight Rises,” turning Wayne into an eccentric hermit who rarely leaves his mansion and has began to go to a small degree batty.

“I invariably loved the relatability of Bruce Wayne,” Nolan says. “He isn't a superhero within the usual sense. He wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider and he wasn’t born on Krypton. He’s simply a bloke who’s done plenty of pushups. His solely real superpower is his extraordinary wealth. He’s somebody who suffered monumental trauma as a toddler — his oldsters gunned down in front of him — and what he’s carried with him all his life is a unprecedented level of rage, unhappiness and every one sorts of angst. of these negative components in his soul are pushing him during a sure direction, and he’s desperately making an attempt to show that into one thing smart. That’s why his best adversaries are those who represent another, darker direction he might have chosen.”
Geoff Boucher, a popular culture author for The la Times and founding father of, says the heroes and villains in Nolan’s trilogy are usually 2 sides of a similar coin.

“Gotham town is an affliction: It changes folks,” Boucher says. “These characters, in a way, are all a similar person: Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson’s villain from “Batman Begins”), the Joker, Harvey Dent. they only created specific decisions that led them down their varied ways. you may argue that the title of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ refers to (four completely different characters) within the movie. That’s simply Nolan being plenty smarter than the remainder folks. He likes the complexity and ambiguity of things like ‘Blade Runner’, that he cites as his favorite movie. He believes films ought to be sort of a fever dream you dialogue along with your friends for years. ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ we have a tendency tore in contrast to any summer movies we had ever seen. They were cerebral and complicated and throwbacks to a different time: They jogged my memory of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ during a means. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ will, too.”
The Kubrick comparison is apt: He, too, was a master of straightforward nevertheless eloquent pictures. The haunting final shot in “Inception” was a spinning prime, wobbling ever therefore slightly, the implications grave and deep. There are moments in “The Dark Knight Rises” that generate a furious surge of emotion that “The Avengers” and “The wonderful Spider-Man” combined couldn’t muster. however even at its most heated, the movie remains elegantly cool.
“There’s one thing consistently dark and either blue or grey — one thing overcast — to all or any of Nolan’s films once ‘Memento,’” says Peter Debruge, senior film critic for selection. “I associate the word ‘portentous’ along with his work — this sonorous undertone that rumbles beneath his movies. He’s a awfully classical director, that makes the ‘Dark Knight’ films stand out from different comic-book movies. Those rely additional on visual technology and effects. Nolan is grounded in an old-school aesthetic, albeit he’s creating these huge films.”
Like most of the filmmakers of his generation, Nolan, who turns forty two on July thirty, admits to having been influenced primarily by Nineteen Seventies cinema. however though he's employed within the Hollywood-blockbuster arena, he doesn’t cite the expected names as inspirations — no Spielberg, no Lucas.
“The nice filmmakers of the past — Terrence Malick, Kubrick, Nicolas Roeg, all those guys — created terribly experimental and interrogative works that pushed the grammar of film forward,” he says. “I’ve been impressed by a number of the additional outrageous cinema I’ve seen. however I actually have found {a means|how|some way|the way|the simplest way} to use that influence during a rather more mainstream way. i used to be talking to Christian Bale, who is creating a movie with Malick straight away, and that i joked that no matter Malick is up to, I’ll be ripping it off in 5 years, however creating it extremely understandable to folks.”
“Kubrick was inimitable: You can’t extremely try and do what he did, as a result of it had been terribly abstract and distinctive. however he had how of calmly achieving a picture that expressed plenty of emotions while not firing in too several directions right away. He impressed me to invariably realize the only, most direct means of obtaining a plan across. In hindsight, once I scrutinize what I’ve done … it’s a cliche to mention you steal from the most effective, however there's some truth to the thought.”
The combination of high-minded filmmaking and pulpy supply material is one in every of the explanations Nolan’s trilogy can endure as a standalone three-part epic, in spite of how soon the inevitable Batman-reboot arrives.
With “The Dark Knight Rises,” Nolan conjointly achieves one thing that has never been drained the realm of comic-book movies: He has given a finite finish to a story involving a personality which will live forever, in varied incarnations, within the common culture
Sean Howe, author of the upcoming book “Marvel Comics: The Untold Story,” says that if “The Dark Knight Rises” succeeds, it might end in additional filmmakers selecting to inform self-contained story arcs from iconic comics, like the Gwen Stacy-Green Goblin saga that has begun within the recent “The wonderful Spider-Man.”
“When you’re watching comic-book movies, the stakes aren’t terribly high, as a result of rather like when you’re reading the books, you recognize the (hero) is rarely getting to be destroyed,” Howe says. “Writers who sign up to figure on existing comic-book titles have their hands tied, as a result of they grasp the series needs to continue beyond them and that they will never finish the story. If there’s a transparent ending to the present new Batman movie, then that’s pretty admirable. Films would be ready to complete a story during a means that even the comics can’t do. If that catches on, it may lead to a good utopia of comic-book movies.”

Friday, July 13, 2012

It's all about Ajith and Billa 2

Ajith In Billa 2

Billa two with Parvathy Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidtyut Jamwal and Sudanshu Pandey taking part in key roles, has created a giant buzz with fans of Thala.

This action entertainer is releasing in an exceedingly record range of screens and shows started as early as four am. Producer Suresh Balaje says, "The town is on an Ajith high, and also the entire credit for this type of frenzy surrounding the film goes to him. Billa could be a franchise and contains a high complete worth. We're positive this film can live up to the expectations."

But, is not he apprehensive that the film is releasing on Friday, the 13th? "It dawned terribly late on us. we tend to we tend tore ensuring that the film unharness at the proper time and reach the audience that we did not concentrate to the present concern issue. however seriously, the film is nearly as good as its content and stars, and such superstitions do not trouble us," he laughs.

Talking of the film's USP, producer Sunir Kheterpal, of In Entertainment, says, "It could be a 127-minute unapologetic, fast and quick film, that doesn't waste any time with un-necessary songs in foreign locations and comedy tracks. Less James Bond, a lot of Jason Bourne; that is Billa II. it's turned out to be far better than what we tend to had envisioned and that i am positive many benchmarks can get established in Kollywood with this."

Ask Sunir how true are the reports that the film has been sold for a whopping quantity, and he says, "The film has been pre-sold at a record value for any Ajith film until date. However, as producers, we've ensured that it's been sold to the proper distributors and not simply the very best bidder, at value points where all of them stand to achieve. The distributors of a movie are its lifeline. we tend to believe our film is successful when everybody concerned edges from it."

Deepika Padukone at her best in ''Cocktail''

The portrayal of affection story changes in Bollywood each ten years. on guarantees to be a replacement flip with “Cocktail”. “Ten years back i used to be teaching scuba diving at some beach and twenty years back i used to be not the right age to own an opinion,” quips director Homi Adajania, who is returning to box workplace six years once he created the gray matter churn with “Being Cyrus”. it's this freshness in addressing an issue that's reflecting within the promos.

One reminds him twenty years back the conflict was ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte (“Maine Pyaar Kiya”). nowadays we've got “Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi” blaring from each attainable outlet. The song is in reference to a boy and lady who apparently share a flat with another lady. “It’s smart that we've got come back an extended means from those regressive times. it's a really today’s story. Any youngster who can watch it'll be able to establish with one in every of the 3 protagonists.” within the metros, right? “I believe there's not a lot of distinction within the aspirations currently however yes the means it's pitched it's for a precise set of audience.” The hits on cyberspace recommend that “Cocktail” is showing its efficiency.

Homi says he wasn't too keen to direct a story of 3 friends who get hit by love bug once some extent however producer Dinesh Vijan, who co-produced “Being Cyrus”, created him decide the project. Out of friendship? “I am a beach bum and want some pushing and prodding. once “Being Cyrus” i used to be once more searching for a story with a psychotic part however Dinesh felt I ought to attempt to visualise a contemporary day love story from my perspective.”

The story has come back from Imtiaz Ali who looks to be distinctive from no matter we've got seen of Homi. “He is, however Imtiaz needed me to require his story and create the scenes, the journey my very own. He said the instant you are taking it i'll let it go. And you recognize most love stories are less concerning starting or finish and a lot of concerning the journey, the moments. it's in these moments that you just can see my bit, my fondness for small quirks and details,” says Homi who developed the screenplay with Imtiaz’s brother Sajid Ali.

The new triangle

Set in London, it's concerning Meera and Veronica (played by newcomer Diana Penty and Deepika Padukone); 2 women who come back from completely different backgrounds and have other ways to approach life. Meera may be a very little diffident and conservative whereas Veronica may be a wild kid who seeks attention all the time. When Gautam (Saif Ali Khan returns to his confused lover boy image!) enters their life, the ball starts rolling. In such films the primary 0.5 may be a breeze whereas within the second 0.5, when the director starts defining traditional and abnormal to succeed in out to an even bigger pool of audience, the film loses its voice. Here since Veronica comes from a fractured family, she has got to dress during a sure means and by the second 0.5 she's going to begin conforming. Homi defends, “She has grown up in London. Her dressing has got to do together with her attention seeking habit that has come back due to her family atmosphere. i think the characters are well outlined. They speak a language that kids can establish with and also the conflict and backbone is in sync with the characterisation. in fact 1st 0.5 is fun and also the second 0.5 deals with a scenario when love comes into the equation however there are not any sudden shifts.”

Styled by his wife, Anaita Shroff Adajania, Homi says you can’t argue along with your wife however fortunately she has gone along what I had envisioned for the characters. “When Meera breaks free, her alternative of colors still remains somewhat muted in distinction to Veronica, who is on the flashy aspect.” Homi is jam-packed with praise for Deepika. “I offered her to select from Meera and Veronica and she or he picked the latter that is against her well-liked image. She has gone the additional mile to form it credible. i'm positive her effort are going to be noticed.”

Is he finally back from the beach and also the quirks like taking a fakir to Venice Biennale? “You never apprehend. Let’s see how ‘Cocktail’ performs.”

Deepika on Veronica

"I have reached a stage in my career where I ought to begin taking part in stronger characters. taking part in Veronica was a sort of self discovery on behalf of me. She isn't apologetic concerning what she is. It needed a precise quite confidence. I didn’t apprehend I even have that body language to hold it off however after I did, I shocked myself during a strange way…I wasn't positive whether or not to select Meera or Veronica. it had been Imtiaz who prodded me to play Veronica as Meera has shades of the Meera I played in Love Aaj Kal…I don’t apprehend if Saif is nice at taking part in a confused lover boy however he's the foremost adorable lover boy on behalf of me. no one will beat him during this territory."

Cocktail hindi movie review 2012

Cocktail hindi movie review

Story: Gautam likes Veronica. Veronica likes him too. Gautam falls for Meera. currently what will Meera do? 3 shut friends realize themselves caught in a very vortex of emotions.
Movie Review: Two's company; is 3 a crowd? Homi Adajania's romantic comedy Cocktail may be a slice-of-life film mounted superbly and imaginatively on an oversized canvas with the colourful colors of London, Cape city and New Delhi. The film addresses the proverb--two is company; is 3 a crowd--situation throughout. With some super-light, sweet moments that one has seen within the mid-90s yankee sitcom Friends; that revolved around a bunch of friends in Manhattan; Cocktail deals with the fun moments and then the emotional turmoil faced by 3 Indian friends settled within the UK, whose methods cross inadvertently.

Saif (Gautam)-the flirt; Veronica (Deepika) the rich-bitch and Meera(Diana Penty)the simpleton realize themselves below one roof singing daaru desi and dancing to tum hi ho bandhu in good sync and rhythm. to begin of, the wild however vulnerable Veronica and also the shameless flirt Gautam are happy to be in a very no-commitments relationship, providing laughs galore. Veronica's succor Meera is additionally happy to be the flower wall round the house, ensuring to not get within the method.
Written by Imtiaz Ali, the script within the pre-interval section breezes through with some light-hearted camaraderie between the 3 lead actor; some comic moments (provided by Dimple Kapadia enjoying Saif's loud Punjabi mother); and has rocking tracks by Pritam that transport you straight into the night-club mode, singing and moving in your cinema-hall seats. but there is additionally a draw back. for instance, the music provides an adrenaline rush and also the comic scenes cause you to smile; however there is a drastic drop within the tempo throughout a number of the talkie parts, where the gaps within the conversation cause you to restless.

Also the friendship between the 2 girls—Veronica and Meera is captured realistically and runs deep; however constant can't be said for the relationships the women share with Gautam. whereas Veronica and Gautam's equation comes across as flaky; Gautam's love for Meera too may have translated into a deeper passion. The longing and also the craving does not bump into adore it did in a very Jab we have a tendency to Met or a Love, Aaj Kal. In all fairness where Cocktail scores, is that the incontrovertible fact that most people living in urban metro India, will certainly be ready to establish with the 3 principle characters and what the emotional upheaval that this bunch of friends bear. The bonding, the fun-filled moments do strike a really real chord.

The film takes a additional serious flip within the second [*fr1] when friendship makes method for love. Yes, Cupid strikes at the intermission point; and also the film follows the oft-seen path of a typical triangular drama that has been a Bollywood staple through the last 20 years.
Cocktail will have some terrific highs. One is Deepika Padukone's performance. simply the most effective in her five-year-long career; Deepika additionally appearance sensational throughout. You virtually want the camera had stayed her longer on her in that red itsy-bitsy bikini. DP will certainly win notices and nominations for her near-faultless performance of the rich-spoilt-neglected-girl-with-a-heart-of-gold.

Saif is terrific in elements, insipid in others. and also the different DP, Diana Penty makes for a reasonably picture; however she may definitely do with some sharpening.
Randeep Hooda as a rake, running a hoax wedding business, is totally wasted.
Pritam's music is charged and chartbusting. whereas tum hi ho bandhu and daaru desi are right on top; yaariyan and jugni are stirring and soulful.
The dialogue is funny; even outrageous with lines like--`I'm carrying his bun in my oven' and `you're lonely-I'm characterless.'

However what Cocktail ought to be actually applauded for is its permissiveness. As a movie it breaks shackles and ushers in a very new free spirit that Gen-Now can relate to

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Billa 2 movie review

Bill 2 movie review, Billa 2, Billa 2 review, Billa 2 ajith. Billa two was presupposed to trace the roots of David Billa. Billa may be a man who is often on the lookout for ensuing massive issue and loyalty counts as his biggest virtue. The journey that David Billa goes through in his quest for total management and domination in his domain is what Billa two is, during a nutshell.
It is a typical gangster movie with countless villains and an invincible hero who has truckloads of charisma and elegance.

The fairly partaking 1st half Billa two happens in coastal Tamil Nadu and later moves on to Goa. The intro scene whereby Ajith is engaged during a ferocious fight sequence and therefore the indigenous title credits are gripping. The dialogues by Era Murugan and Mohamed Zafar are the highlight during this phase. they're stuffed with punch and that means. Sample this “Na Agadhi da, Anaadha illa”, “Mathavanoda Bayam dan nambaloda Balam”. There are additional such dialogues that are bound to please Ajith’s fans.

The tempo is lost within the second 0.5. the 2 heroines, Parvathy Omanakuttan and Bruna Abdullah are additional like guest cameos. it's disheartening to notice that Parvathy doesn’t live up to the hype. Bruna Abdullah appearance ravishing and therefore the scenes where she flaunts her bikini body are certain to please the male populace. 

The villains, Sudhanshu and Vidyut are majestic and have terrific screen presence. Vidyut’s prowess at stunts has been positioned in his introductory fight sequence. Sudhanshu should stay the cold and calculating don and doesn’t get to flex his muscles like Vidyut.
Rahman includes a blink and you miss kind cameo whereas Manoj K Jayan, Krishna Kumar and Sriman have negative roles that they need done adequately. Ilavarasu impresses within the 1st 0.5 and he's missed within the second 0.5 when the action shifts gears.  

Ultimately, this movie is formed for Ajith’s fans. Ajith appearance slot in the primary 0.5 whereas within the second 0.5 we have a tendency to get to ascertain him in his typical suave avatar. The ferocious eyes within the fight sequences are Ajith’s biggest strength. His daring guts within the climax helicopter stunt have already been well documented however one will feel that the impact created by this aerial fight isn’t as nice of course. 

The fight sequences done by 3 separate stunt masters stand out for his or her ruthless nature. The fist cuffs are quick and that they are violent to mention the smallest amount. The A certificate appears justified.  There are countless trendy gun shots and blasts that send the heartbeat racing. however the impact created by of these explosions isn’t nice, again.

The editing by Suresh Urs might are tauter. The ‘Yedho Mayakkam’ song and therefore the needless short belly dance variety within the second 0.5 hamper the movie’s flow. That said, the editing and VFX within the ‘Unakkulle Mirugam’ song remind you of the flashy vogue that you just see in Guy Ritchie movies. 

It is conjointly disappointing to ascertain the ‘Gang Gang Gangster’ song being reduced to a mere finish credits song.

R.D.Rajasekhar’s cinematography has created certain that the movie includes a grand look. The songs look shiny, the image resolution is further-ordinary because of the Red Epic camera and RDR’s work within the helicopter sequence earns extra brownie points.

To conclude, Billa two can please hardcore action fans and Ajith fans specially. The emotional connect goes down because of a laborious second 0.5. But, the concept of creating a prequel and therefore the grand scale of the movie make certain that the movie isn’t a tiresome expertise either. Given the expectations, somehow you are feeling that the tip product hasn’t been delivered.

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Movie Scores

Even the promise of unlimited debauchery can’t get critics to RSVP “yes’’ for “Project X.’’

The comedy a couple of trio of highschool outsiders who throw a raging party in hopes that it’ll create them standard is drawing mixed and negative reviews in its gap weekend. AP Movie Critic gave the movie 2 stars out of 4, saying: “`Project X’ suggests what it'd appear as if if the teenager romp `Superbad’ had been shot with the first-person, hand-held aesthetic of `Cloverfield’ — except it never achieves the hilarity of the previous or the thrills of the latter.’’

On the opposite finish of the essential spectrum is that the documentary “This isn't a movie,’’ gap in ny and l. a. this weekend before expanding to different cities. Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi secretly documented each day in his life underneath house arrest in his Tehran apartment whereas appealing a six-year jail sentence. Lemire gave it 3 and a [*fr1] stars out of 4, writing: “In the span of simply seventy five minutes, it reveals itself to be a strong statement concerning nothing but the paramount importance of freedom and therefore the driving urge for creative expression.’’

Here’s a glance at how these movies and others fared on the highest review websites as of Friday afternoon. every score is that the proportion of positive reviews for the film:

— “This isn't a Film’’: Metacritic, 90; Movie Review Intelligence, 90.2; Rotten Tomatoes, 100. Average: ninety three.4.

— “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax’’: Metacritic, 49; Movie Review Intelligence, 62.5; Rotten Tomatoes, 58. Average: fifty six.5.

— “Being Flynn’’: Metacritic, 49; Movie Review Intelligence, 60.4; Rotten Tomatoes, 45. Average: fifty one.5.

— “Tim and Eric’s Billion dollar Movie’’: Metacritic, 40; Movie Review Intelligence, 40.1; Rotten Tomatoes, 42. Average: forty.7.

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life history Actor vijay( ilayathalapathi )

life history Actor vijay ilayathalapathi

joseph vijay popularly referred to as as ilayathalapathi dr.vijay was born on twenty second june 1974 may be a tamil film actor and playback singer too.he is a number one actor in tamil trade,he is the son of director s.a.chandrasekar.vijay's 1st film was nalaya theerpu (1992).

vijay's formative years was in chennai,he did his schooling at balalok at virugambakam chennai,he did his at loyola and later discontinued.on august twenty fifth 1999 he married London based mostly Sri Lankan Tamil Sangeetha SornalingamThey have 2 youngsters a son, Jason Sanjay, born in 2001 in London and a daughter Divya Sasha born in 2005.The year 1996 he found his 1st success within the Vikraman directed film Poove Unakkaga that helped Vijay to determine as a rising star in Tamil films. In 1997 he acted within the Vasanth film Nerrukku Ner in conjunction with Surya Sivakumar. This film was created by Mani Ratnam. Then he acted in Kadhalukku Mariyadhai directed by Fazil. Kadhalukku Mariyadhai was a blockbuster and created Vijay receive that year's Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor.

In 1998, Vijay worked in Priyamudan and Thulladha Manamum Thullum that were huge hits at box workplace. Then the subsequent films Endrendrum Kadhal, Nenjinile, Minsara Kanna failed miscerably at box-office. Then he did Kannukkul Nilavu with Fazil however the movie failed at boxoffice even his acting was praised. He set to not commit in films that took a year to unleash, that modified his trend. His next venture Kushi was a blockbuster. the subsequent film Friends was additionally a blockbuster.
Later on, he starred in Shahjahan, Thamizhan that were average grossers at box workplace. However, the films that followed Bagavathi ,Vaseegara, Pudhiya Geethai, and his delayed film Udhaya became low grossers and flopped. This highly affected Vijay's success rate and he was looked down upon by film critics and producers.
His string of failure films was broken by Thirumalai in 2003 that had Vijay in an exceedingly new facial look. Ghilli, that was released in 2004, is taken into account to be one among Vijay's biggest hits nowadays. Directed by Dharani and created by A. M. Rathnam, it absolutely was a remake of the Telugu film Okkadu, and ran for two hundred days in theatres in Tamil Nadu. Then came Madhurey that was a average grosser at box workplace . it absolutely was during this year that Vijay began to portray his current mass-hero, stereotypical acting vogue, giving him a significant turning purpose in his career. the subsequent year had Thirupaachi, Sachien and Sivakasi that were huge hits.
Vijay's unsuccessful film since the discharge of Thirumalai was Aathi , that released in 2006. This film failed miserably at box-office. Later that year he announced Pokkiri, directed by Prabhu Deva, that released in 2007. Pokkiri had met nearly constant success as Ghilli did, during which Vijay was given a special vogue to act as. This created Vijay receive an honorary doctorate title from the M. G. R. University. Later that year, Vijay appeared in Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, and for the primary time, he appeared in twin roles, because the antagonist and protagonist. In 2008, he starred in Kuruvi, once more beneath Dharani's direction.
The year 2009 started off with the action mass film Villu, that was directed by Prabhu Deva who was keen on operating with him once more when Pokkiri. The film had Vijay in twin roles for the second time in his career. Vijay's next film Vettaikkaaran, directed by Babu Sivan, created by AVM Productions and distributed by Sun footage, that began filming in February 2009 and was released on December eighteen, 2009 was a poster hit. Vijay is currently acting in Sura, during which he can co-star Tamanna Bhatia, directed by SP Rajkumar and created by Sangili Murugan. administrators M. Raja and N. Lingusamy have additionally confirmed that they're going to be casting Vijay in their next respective films. Director Siddique additionally confirmed that he are casting Viay within the remake of his Malayalam film Bodyguard.

All about Vijay

Affectionately Called by his fans Ilayathalapathy(
Vassol Chakravarthy(By Film Fraternities)
Profession - Actor and Singer
Date of Birth 22nd June 1974
Mother Tongue - Tamil
Height - 5’-10”
Father - S.A.Chandasekharan(Writer, Producer, Director)
Mother - Shobha Chandra Sekhar(Singer, Writer And Director)
Uncle - S.N Surendar {Play Back Singer And Dubbing Voice for Actor Mohan Over 85 Film}
Education - Bachelor's Degree of Visual Communications at Loyola
Spouse - Sangeetha
Vijay Wedded Sangeetha on - August 25 1999
Son - Jason Sanjay
Daughter - Divya Saasha
Dear Friends - Sajai, Srinath, Sanjeev, Manoj and Ram Kumar
His Best friend in film industry - Vikram, Surya
Debut as child artiste - “Vetri”
As action hero - Nalaya Therpu Directed by S.A.Chandra Shekar
As an Actor - Strengths - Stunts, Dance and Singing, Punch Dialogues.
Aa a person - Intorvert, Famous for on - Line Answers

>> Tourist spots - London and Los Angels
>> Food - Non-Vegetrian(Chicken Briyani and Tandoori Items)
>> Clothes - Jeans and T-Shirt
>> Colour - Blue and Black
Crazy About - Cars(Owns a Black BMW)