Monday, August 13, 2012

A movie released in 2002 that still remains afresh in my memory

Maid in Manhattan – The cast do complete justice to their roles. Played by Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Fiennes this is a rather different love story. Marisa Ventura played by Jennifer Lopez plays a classy maid who works relentlessly for the welfare of her son .The story develops into a love story when Marisa is busy cleaning the room of a socialite with another maid .This socialite played by Natasha Richardson has a really nice outfit which she leaves in the room before leaving out .The other maid tells Marisa tells to try the coat. After she tries the coat the actor gets into the room thinking it is the socialite and is very impressed with her. Coincidently, Chris comes with Ty, Marisa’s son and finds Marisa very beautiful. They all go out for a walk .Soon, Marisa starts avoiding Chris as she becomes scared that the management will find out but fortunately or unfortunately this soon develops into a love story but obviously without Chris knowing that she is the maid. This goes on for some time till the management finds out when Chris invites Caroline for the party and is surprised to find somebody else coming .i.e. the real Caroline. Chris asks his assistant Jerry Siegel to find “the other Caroline Lane” promising that he will attend an important dinner and wishes her go with him. Jerry asks Lionel to find her. Lionel, who has figured out that Marisa is the woman Chris has been looking for, tells her to go to the dinner and end the affair swiftly if she wants to keep her possible future in hotel . He and the hotel staff assist her in preparing for the evening by styling her hair, loaning her an expensive dress, and a spectacular necklace. However, she spends the night in his room and it becomes a very big issue later .I really liked Christopher’s character; Ralph Fiennes, a politician plays the character with such sophistication and poise. Even though he is upset with her the two in the end up together as yes you could notice that there was chemistry between the two. It’s rather interesting to find a big shot who doesn’t mind settling down with a woman he loves. These are definitely cute aspects to the love story.Jalo looks lovely in the gown she wears the night she goes to the party with the actor .Even though she is the maid in the movie she looks really nice .This movie released in 2002 but I remember it afresh because it’s a really cute movie . Yes , not a popular movie and you may wondering why i am talking about it ..but yes there is definetely somethin different about the movie ...a big politician doesnt mind settling with maid ...reaches a point where he doesnt care about the press anymore .

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