Monday, August 13, 2012

Allu Arjun Movie goes from Bunny to Julayi - Review

Allu Arjun Movie goes from Bunny to Julayi!!! - Review

Allu Arjun’s fans are going crazy, all over the country especially in Hyderabad as his next movie Julayi hits the theatres today. With the first show in progress at the theatres now, the movie has already created quite a buzz. Directed by Trivikakram Srinivas, the film is said to have opened with one of his typical punch dialogues. The plot as quoted on is as follows: “Ravi (Arjun) is happy-go-lucky youngster with an attitude to get rich over night and he doesn’t believe in hard earned money rather believes in easy money. At a certain point in the movie he falls in trouble with the money he earns by chance and he realizes his mistakes and changes his mind set. How he turns from a Street smart guy to an honest youngster forms the rest of the plot”. Starring opposite “Bunny” in the movie is Ileana D'Cruz who fits the bill perfectly as a High Tech Engineer. Just like all rom-coms the male lead protagonist falls in love which then is obviously followed by a twist and turn of events before the two actually get together. Jualyi too is somewhat based on the same lines when Ravi after falling into some money-trouble is a reason for people in a parallel world to hunt him down and kill him before the hero and the heroine have a “happily ever after.” The movie despite all the drama and action is said to end on a good note. The movie proceeds at a smooth pace from the start to the end just like all other “Trivikakram” movies considering such story lines are usually his forte. The music composed by Devi Sri Prasad has varied set of tracks. The title track is composed with foot tapping beats and has a peppy ring to it and without any doubt the one song to watch out for. The movie has other catchy songs targeted especially for a young crowd. And if your all in for melody, make sure you do not miss “o madhu.” Though the movie has nothing new to offer, it definitely should be easy money and well received. With good music and a splendid star cast, the movie has everything going on for it. I would solely watch it just for the sake of the stylish and ever-charming Allu Arjun. Definitely worth a onetime watch, so do not miss it. Final Verdict: The movie is definitely here to stay and a sure entertainer!!!

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