Thursday, July 25, 2013

Salman Khan is Charged for Homicide After 11 Years

Page 3 is busy flashing Salman Khan in its cover story. This time it’s not just a petty fight with SRK or some topless bash. Along with media, Indian Jurisdiction has turned towards Salman Khan. The powerful star of Hindi cinema is charged with homicide for which he is going to be tried under the hit-and-run case to homicide.

It’s all about raising the devil again. He was alleged to drive his Toyota Land Cruiser, and run over 4 homeless people, under the influence of alcohol. It’s a well-known story in the year2002. The actor had challenged the appeal and the case was dismissed with time.

Now it’s brought to life under the charges- homicide amounting to murder.  Among the four, one was killed and the Khan family has paid the compensation of about Rs.19 lakhs. This time it’s not all green for them and Salman Khan will be sentenced up to 10 years.

Media is watching the trial.

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