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Annakodi Tamil Movie Review

Annakodi Tamil Movie Review

Veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja is the name that brought repute to Tamil cinema. The rustic tales from rural land the life in village were beautifully narrated by him in his films since 16 Vayathinilae. He also proved his mastery doing urban themes with Sigappu Rojakal.

After a intense thriller in his last Bommalattam, Bhatrathiraja is back with Annakodi. Again a rural theme. However according to him, it is based on a real-life incident.

Newcomer Lakshman Narayanan, Karthika Nair of Kho, Manoj Bharathiraja, Meenal among others play part of the movie. Music is by G V Prakash.


Kodiveeran (Lakshmanan) , who rears gpoats is the son of a cobbler in a village. He comes across Annakodi, who hgails from a upper cast family. They fall for  each other.

When they decide to hold hands, there comes opposition from her parents. Caste is the reason. Meanwhile there is Sadayan (Manoj K Bharathi), a greedy money-lender who takes away girls from his debtors for the interest they have to pay. He falls for Annakodi.
Meanwhile Annakodi's parents foist a case and Kodiveeran lands in jail. Sequence of events result in Annakdoi's mother's death and she taken away by Sadayan. What Kodiveeran does to bring back joy in Annakodi's life is the climax.


Lakshmanan, though a newcomer, does play his part well. But he has improve his body language and dialogue delivery a lot.  Karthika is okay while Manoj K bharathy plays a baddie oozing venom in his eyes. Meenalk chips in with a decent performance


Salai Sahadevan's camera captures the rural beauty well. Also G V Prakash's background score liven up the proceedings. But sadly a predictable storyline and some weak performance mars the show. Sadly Annakodi is no patch to Bharathiraja's earlier classics.

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