Friday, June 28, 2013

Thulli Vilayadu Tamil Movie Review

 Thulli Vilayadu Tamil Movie Review

Director Vincent Selva, who made films like Priyamanavale, Youth, Priyamudan and Iraniyan, has come out with a thriller comedy in Thulli Vilayadu. The movie stars newcomer Yuvaraaj, Engeyum Eppodhum fame Deepthi Nambiar, Prakash Raj, Suri, Singamuthu and Jayaprakash V among others.

It is the story of three friends who come across huge wealth. How they manage to to achieve their goals is what Thulli Vilayadu is all about.


Raghu (Yuvaraj) spends all his time with friends Soori and Senrayan. He takes up the job of driver for Kadavul (Jayaprakash), a politician. Kadavul decides to contest the Assembly elections.

However fearing a raid by Income Tax department on the eve of polls, he keeps a huge sum of unaccounted money in his car and entrusts the job of keeping it safe with Raghu. Enters Singam (Prakash Raj), a local goon. The cash goes missing. Kadavul points fingers on Singam.

However the latter finds oiut that it was Raghu who has enacted a drama and escaped with the cash. The cat and mouse game between the trio begins.


Prakashraj plays a funny villain while Jayaprakash oozes venom in his eyes. Yuvaraj and Soori chip in with their best. Deepthi plays Yuvaraj's ladylove. Music is by Srikanth Deva and director Mysskin has crooned a song in the film.


What begins a funny ride takes twists and turns and ends pedestrian. Prakashraj manages to sustain interest with his comical acts. Singamuthu plays his accomplice.

Going with the current trend, Vincent Selva has ensured that there are enough humour in the movie, produced by Govindaraj. He has managed to handle his resources well.

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